Fresh Rubber Tire Shine & Cleaner With UV Protection 16 oz

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  • Wet tire shine and trim dressing
  • Restores new black look to vinyl, rubber, and plastic car parts
  • Helps prevent damage and fading from sunlight
  • Water based formula is safe to use on interiors, exteriors, and even engine bays
  • Finishes dry to the touch
  • Non-slippery feel; non-greasy shine
  • No sling down the side of your car
    Clean Green Wash & Wax Fresh Rubber is created in the dusty Arizona desert. We love big offroad tires and having fun. As you know this is not so easy to clean up. We had to create a formula that not only cleans tires and trim, but also one that helps protect. As your car ages with thousands of well-traveled miles on the clock, you can enjoy the same bright wet shine on your tires that you kicked in the showroom. Clean Green blended premium water-based dressing, extra gloss enhancers, and UV blockers into a slick sprayable formula. Fresh Rubber isn’t just for rubber tires, try it on textured plastic, rubber, and vinyl parts as well. Mist a light coat of Fresh Rubber on any rubber, plastic, or vinyl to bring back that new gloss. The easy-to-use formula finishes dry to the touch; simply wipe any excess product to avoid dripping, running, and any tire sling all over the sides of the vehicle once you drive away. Now anyone can enjoy the bright wet shine of Fresh Rubber, even after a weekend in the desert!

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