Clean Green Multi-Surface 32 oz Dilution Kit

Clean Green Multi-Surface 32 oz Dilution Kit

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32oz  bottle with pump
The perfect container for all your bulk cleaning supplies. Weather you are a professional detailer, do it yourself car guy, or just want some great looking bottles to use around the house this is the solution for you.  This pump is ideal for diluting your concentrate.  One pump equals 1/2 oz of product.  Take the pump and apply it to your concentrated bottle.  Take the trigger and apply it to the clear 32 oz., now you will always have the proper dilution for your products.
  • Designed to take the abuse of daily use
  • Round shape takes up less room
  • 32oz size is easy to hold or hang from your pocket
  • Perfect for detailing
  • Save money by buying bulk
  • One pump is equal to 1/2 oz.

Multi Surface All Purpose Degreaser 

The professional-strength cleaner designed to remove tough dirt, grime, and grease. Detailing professionals around the world choose Clean Green Wash & Wax Degreaser for the toughest jobs. The professional grade degreaser is perfect for cleaning dirty engines, machinery, tools, tires, wheels, and floors. The multipurpose power of this degreaser is extremely versatile in any situation. Perfect for cleaning dirty garage floors, greasy tools, industrial equipment, and household disasters. Remove dirt and grime from your tires to restore the original black look. Clean and restore the shine back to wrenches, ratchets, and screwdrivers. Multi Surface is perfect for removing heavy mud, dirt, and grime from your off-road and 4x4 vehicles. The powerful formula is great at cleaning greasy suspension and differential parts

  • Removes tough grease, grime, dirt, and debris
  • Tough cleaner powers through thick grime and contamination
  • Perfect for cleaning dirty engines, machinery, tools, wheels, tires, undercarriages, shops, bathrooms, and more
  • Concentrated formula: Use 10:1 for tough jobs or dilute up to 30:1 for lighter duty cleaning jobs