Wrap or Paint

Vinyl Wrap or Paint?
When you detail cars or sell car care products this question comes up a lot. Clean Green Wash & Wax is a customer service company and try to answer questions as best we can. 
 So let's break it down. First let's talk cost. There are a lot of factors involved with cost so let's start with apples to apples comparison. Color change wrap to color change paint. A wrap will cost you in the range of $2000-$5000 depending on what you want. Paint will cost between $3000-$10000. Do not get a cheap Maco paint job. It will cost you way more. On a good paint job my detailing company charges a min of $2000 to wet sand and polish a car. We will not do a car with a bad paint job. 
 So next to figure out on the cost is if you have a crazy color you want your car. Some things can only be done with vinyl like chrome. But let's say you want to turn your lambo green (I would). If you paint the car you just took a small resale group and shrank it to about 0. However if you wrap a  black lambo green, drive it a few months, remove the wrap to show off the perfect factory paint you will have a much better resale. You have also saved the paint from all the dangers of driving such as rock chips, bird crap, idiots walking by etc.... This math adds up weather you have a Ferrari or a Honda. It's worth it. 
 Cost of maintenance. To keep your paint looking it's best you will need a minimum of one full detail per year. This will run in the $300 range. Then if you need paint correction or rock chip repairs it can easily run over $1000. A well taken care of Wrap will protect your paint for about 7 years. Now one negative here, you can't have scratches buffed out on a wrap. They are permanent. Oh speaking of scratches, from one car guy to another, DO NOT PAINT A CAR MATTE!!!!! I hope I made this clear. It is a terrible idea! I usually recommend not doing flat colors even with vinyl. Satin looks much better. But that is just my opinion. 
 Cleaning a vehicle with a wrap is super easy. I recommend Wrap Cleaning Wax Clean Green Wash & Wax. It's all we use! This is a waterless cleaner that will protect and clean your wrap. Wrap Cleaning Wax will also reduce static to keep you looking good longer!
 A huge obvious advantage to a wrap is to advertise your company. I plan to do another blog all about this soon so im not going to get to into it now. I will just say this with Facebook ads (the best value in advertising) $20 will get your add seen by about 2000 people. How many people see your truck every day? It's crazy the numbers you will see from a good Wrap. Try putting a special number on your wrap and compare the calls to that phone and your adwords number. 
 Thank you for reading and please leave your comments below. 

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