Why The Fish

Why the fish?

 We are asked a lot why we have a fish as our logo. Well that is a great question. There is a few reasons. 

 Here is #1. I love to fish. Mostly bass fishing but really any fishing is my happy place. Out doors, enjoying nature and the water has always been my Disneyland. 

 I was lucky enough to spend a couple of years fishing full time. It was an amazing experience. Through a lot of really bad choices and a toxic relationship my opportunity fell apart. 

 After I stopped fishing I decided to feel really bad for myself, make even more bad choices and cause my life to fall apart. 

 Then one day it changed. I changed. I realized I had complete control over life. Since that day life has become beautiful again. 

 At one point my Wife Amanda asked me if I wanted to fish again. I did. I wanted to every day. But it just wasn't time yet. 

 So I decided to build a company first. 

The fish had to be the logo. He is what drives me. Every time I look at that logo it reminds me of where I was and where I am now. 

 Soon I want to build this brand enough that we are able to help other people know what a powerful experience fishing can be. 

 Well I was going to talk about all the environmental reasons for the fish, but all of that just kind of came out. 

 I have never even said any of this out loud. Not even sure if I have ever fully thought it. 

 I guess we all just learned why the fish!


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