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Who is Clean Green Wash & Wax

 Clean Green Wash & Wax is a movement. We are a car care company, not a chemical company. We are in the customer service business, not the automotive industry. Everything we do truly maters to us. 

 Clean Green Wash & Wax is the little guys, we are the misfits, the unemployable. If your label is crooked it's because we have people who could never do a real job put them on. If your order is a day behind, there is a chance we blew off work to go fishing! But you are always invited to come with. 

 There are two things we do to very serious though, our products and detailing cars. 

 We are very proud of our quality and will stand behind any product we sell. Even if the printer screwed up the labels again! It's what's inside that counts. 

 If you care about cars or Detailing we are here for you. We will be more than happy to answer questions, talk fishing, talk business, whatever you want to talk about, wherever you want to talk about it, Instagram, Facebook, (you can attempt Snapchat and twitter but I can't figure those out so well) email, or even text us. You can try to call but most people will ignore it because there working (usually on there own car, or at the lake, or camping, or dirt biking or....) well you get the idea. So hit us up. We look foreword to it. 


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