When to use a cleaning wax

 When to spray wax and when to hand wax. At Clean Green Wash & Wax protection is our focus. With so many kinds of wax and synthetic sealants and ceramic coatings and on and on it's hard to know what to use and when. 

 For this blog I am going to focus on two categories, spray wax, this will include cleaning wax, quick detailer, and any other spray on UV protection. Now not all of these have UV protection every manufacturer is different. The second group is hand wax. This is any wax or sealant applied by hand. Coatings are a whole new group we will discuss later. 

 So first is spray wax. How does it work? Is it the same as hand wax? I look at cleaning wax as a in between wax. What I mean is this is what you use between detailing. If you do a quick touch up wipe every couple days your ride will stay in great shape until your next full detail. The frequency will vary depending on how often and where you drive your car. The goal Is to prevent buildup. A wipe down takes about 10 min. It's worth doing. 

 A hand wax is the big deal. This is your most important protection. How long it last will depend on the type of wax used and weather conditions. Heat burns wax off faster. I live in Phoenix Arizona. We have insane heat, frequent dust storms (those suck!) more heat, it was 103 today and it's almost November, lots of pigeons and bugs, and about every other paint destroying condition known to cars! So with this said I use a lot of wax. Oh and my vehicles are not in a garage. I wipe down with cleaning wax weekly and hand wax monthly. Not a single spot of faded clear coat. I should mention that my service truck is almost 16 years old. The body has a vinyl wrap that is about 7 years old and just starting to discolor. The bare roof is perfect. 

 I hope this clears up what is what in the world of wax! If you have any questions look me up @cleangreenwashnwax or on our web site cleangreenwashnwax.com

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