Waterless Wash & Wax Super Concentrate

Waterless Wash & Wax

Using a Waterless Wash & Wax with a no rinse method. This is my go to method for washing cars. I have used it on thousands of vehicles. Everything from moving trucks to Mclarens. I can do a 23' moving truck by my self in 20 min. This method works! Further more in all the cars my company has washed this way we have never received a single complaint is swirl marks. So all the hose and bucket water wasting guys that try to tell you waterless is bad for your paint are simply wrong. If you are still not sure look up a couple car wash reviews and a couple waterless wash reviews. Point made!

 So now that you are a believer let me walk you through it. To start you will need a bucket of water (I highly recommend a grit guard in it) if you do not have a grit guard you have to keep your wash mitt from touching the bottom of the bucket. Fill your bucket with about 2 gallons of water and a couple ounces of Waterless Wash & Wax super concentrate. Use a wash mitt or microfiber towel to wash one panel at a time, rinsing in the solution often, then dry the panel with a clean dry microfiber towel. If a towel becomes soiled or falls on the ground discard it for a new one. Microfiber towels are inexpensive and can be machine washed multiple times. Repeat this over the entire vehicle working from top to bottom. That's it your car is washed and waxed! Step back and enjoy! See the how to videos @https://youtu.be/f6aSmGg8SHo

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