UTV Cleaning at the dunes

Using a cleaning wax at the dunes

It's that time of year! Let Clean Green Wash & Wax help you look your best!

 You have spent all summer prepping your sand car or rail or UTV or whatever your toy of choice is. Now you get to get it dirty.  Sand is a very aggressive abrasive there is no way around that fact. Just being parked at the dunes can do some serious damage to your paint or wrap. The best prevention is to not allow a build up. A bottle of Cleaning Wax can go a long way. At the end of every ride do a quick wipe down of your vehicle. This will remove the sand and dust that you picked up. This will also help protect in two other ways as well. First it will create a layer of wax to help prevent contaminates reaching the paint or vinyl surfaces. Our Cleaning Wax will also reduce the static electricity that causes a lot of the dust to cling in the first place.

 Have a safe and happy season. Hope to see you there


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