Spray Wax for drying

 So your truck got way to dirty for a waterless wash. Or maybe your just not ready for the change yet. That's ok. We can still help! Here is how we use Cleaning Wax when a car needs to be washed with water. 

 Here in Arizona we have two things going against us when we have to use water on a car. First is the hard water. This stuff is no joke! Calcium stains happen so fast. We use treated RO water in our detailing rigs for the rare occasions we use water but even then it spots fast. Second problem is it gets a little warm here. I have had paint so hot your gloves melt. All car cleaning products recommend not using on a hot car. Well our cars are always hot so we make the best of it.

 Our best advice is to use Cleaning Wax as you dry. After your car has been washed and the water is beading up you will mist a panel with Cleaning Wax starting from the top and drying with a microfiber towel. 

 This will prevent any water spots, leave a beautiful deep shine, and help protect from the suns UV rays. 

Thank You and Enjoy


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