How to maintain a clean car

Waterless Car Care how to keep your car protected. 



Clean Green Wash & Wax understands how much you love your car and want to keep it looking it's best. We would like to help you to do just that. Here is the maintenance schedule we use on our cars and recommend to our clients. 

Clean Green Wash & Wax recommends using a Cleaning Wax and clean microfiber every couple of days to keep your paint or Vinyl Wrap clean and protected. This will A) keep hazards like hard water, bird droppings, salt, sand, and all the other hazards your car sees every day from doing there damage

B) you will be adding a fine layer of protection from the Cleaning Wax. 

 To keep the plastic trim protected we use a gel trim restorer. Basically it is wiped over the trim with a sponge then wiped dry with a cloth. Just follow the directions on the product you choose. I always recommend doing your trim before you clean the car. This way if the gel gets on the paint it will get cleaned when you wash. You don't have to try to be careful. You can do the tires and inside the fender wells at this time as well. 

 The Cleaning Wax will work great on your rims too. Follow the same instructions as the rest of the car, just do not use the same micro on your paint. The one for rims is for rims only. Using the Cleaning Wax will make future cleaning much easier. The protective wax prevents debris from sticking as much. 

 This is just for maintenance washes between detailing. I recommend a full detail every 3-6 months depending on where you live and how often your car is in the sun.That should keep your car looking good for a long time!

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