Growing Your Detailing Business

Growing Your Detailing/Washing Business

 Detailing is a great business. It can be a lot of fun. You will be able to work on some of the worlds nicest cars have control over your schedule, and really make people happy. We all know the feeling of stepping into a clean car. 

 One of the biggest struggles to growing a company like this is trying to find time to do all of your advertising. It can be so time consuming.  And also very expensive. It's also a little tricky to schedule your appointments sometimes. 

 One tool that worked very well for us is freelancing with some of the app companies or online places. Depending on your location there is usually a company in your area doing this. My personal favorite is an app called Washe. From my experience they treat there washers the best and take the smallest percentage. However there is a few people in this market so just do your research. 

 Here is a basic idea of how this works, every one will vary so this is just a generic description. You will sign up to be a provider. This process will basically be there way of getting to know you. Some ave very intense others just want your name and billing info. Once you are accepted they will start to send you jobs. Either a text or call or email, but somehow you will be offered a job. If you are available you accept the job, if not you can decline it. One side note to this, I highly recommend taking every job possible. For a few reasons. The other guys will turn down the low paying jobs that is a big mistake. Some of my biggest jobs started as a basic wash. If you are open take the job. 

 Once you take the job remember to always perform a little better than expected. This is your best ROI for continued growth. 10 extra min will create infinite more work over time. Then the next time the customer schedules they will ask for you. The advantage to this is obvious. 

 Pay will be different from every company so that you will just have to look at when your signing up. Expect them to keep 25-40% of the cost. This sounds high but believe me you will never get that ROI in any other advertising. You only pay for the jobs you take. I have seen some that want an additional fee. I would not do that. The only exception is if it covers insurance for you possibly. 

 So here is one quick rant, if you are going to do this it is ABSOLUTELY essential that you never try to steal there customer. Do not tell them to call you direct or offer them a better price etc. If you use business tactics like that I guarantee it will come back 10 fold. Customers will ask "can I just call you next time " I just answer with " I would be happy if you request me on your next service, but it is morally wrong for me to cut out ....." they will respect that. 

 Thank you for reading and please leave your questions or comments below. 

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