Grow Your Mobile Wash Business

 One of the best ways I have found to grow a mobile detailing or car wash business is to add fleet washing. This is a huge industry that is in need of more washers. A lot of fleets are run by construction company's. Construction is booming right now. This adds up to opportunity for you. 

 So here is the Clean Green Wash & Wax twist on it. When we were growing the company fleet washing became a huge part of our business. We chose to perfect using a no rinse system. When we first started this felt wrong and was more work. But through months of refining the technique we got good at it. Maybe even great. A van takes about 12 min and we charge $20. The price varies with quantity but you can see this is very profitable. A large moving truck starts at $70 and takes about 30-40 min. Again very profitable. 

 So here is a basic outline of our method. We use a team of two washers. One with a bucket of water and an All Purpose Degreaser. This washer sprays the tires and rims with the Degreaser then uses a wet rag to wipe clean. I do all four wheels then follow with a dry rag to shine rims. I also put an oz or two of No Rinse in the water bucket.

 While one washer is cleaning the wheels the second washer is using a bucket with a couple gallons of water and the proper amount of No Rinse. This washer will clean the body of the vehicle using a wash mist and a microfiber to dry. 

 When the wheel guy finishes he cleans the windows and your done!

 How to get clients. 

For us going business to business in person was most effective.

 Here is a couple pitch pointers for you. 

  • the first negative they will use is we wash ours ourself. To counter this point out the normal employee will spend a minimum of an hour to clean there van. Plus supplies. How expensive is that?
  • We go to the car wash. Your van will be out of service for an hour plus an employee to drive it plus the cost of car wash
  • Using a No Rinse properly you comply to all waste water regulations and are EPA compliant.                                         
  • This is a little information to get you started. If you have any questions please contact us by replying to this email. 

Jesse Holt

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